Concept art from 19XX

Super Bomber "Ayako Special" is the first boss from 19XX: The War Against Destiny.


Ayako Special is a heavy bomber based on the original Ayako, used by the Outer Limits organization. While sharing many traits with the original, Ayako Special is also a carrier hybrid and a mechanized airship.

Before the fight Ayako Special will release some Parachute Tanks before engaging the player. Aside of using it's mounted guns to shoot, it will also constantly release smaller crafts. It can be taken out piece by piece, with each blown part flying off and posing a potential hazard if not destroyed.

Ayako Special returns again in the final mission, fighting in the same manner as before. After all it's parts are destroyed, the wings will turn into mechanical arms and constantly swing while shooting lasers.


  • Length: 57m
  • Weight: 68 ton
  • Capacity: 8 seats