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Subsonic High-Altitude Fighter "F. Blacker" is a recurring enemy in 19XX: The War Against Destiny, later appearing as the final boss of the game.


F. Blacker appears as a black propeller fighter, which is piloted by Mark Raratto's older brother, who is implied to be the leader of the Outer Limits terrorist organization. It will first show up during the introduction sequence, where it blows up the carrier ship escorting the player's ships along with two Daihiryus.

The F. Blacker appears once at every stage, usually at the midway point or right before the boss, to fight the player. When defeated it will retreat and drop five medals. After the penultimate boss, Outerlimits, is destroyed, F. Blacker will escort two giant missiles carrying nuclear weapons until they blow up and the warheads continue on their path, after which the final boss fight begins.

The boss will attach itself to a large bomber, using it's engines and the various guns on it's body to attack. Once a engine is destroyed, it reveals a rotating gun which shoots forward, and destroying a gun allows the player to hit the wings directly, while the boss shoots homing rockets. With the two wings destroyed, the boss will continue attacking with homing missiles and many spread shots, as well as a large frontal laser, until it is finally destroyed.


  • Length: unknown
  • Weight: unknown
  • Capacity: 1 seat