Greg Gates is a supporting character of Area 88 and one of the playable characters from U.N. Squadron.


Greg Gates is a Danish pilot and former NATO instructor. Though most of his previous life is unknown, it is implied he has no family and owes a huge debt on his home country, this being his reason for joining Area 88. He is a very easygoing person, sometimes oblivious to the dangers he faces, which earned him a reputation for never dying despite the odds. He serves mostly as a comic relief character, though he is shown to be a very skilled pilot.

In the gameEdit

Greg Gates appears as a selectable character in both versions of U.N. Squadron. On the original Arcade version, he pilots a Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt, which is the strongest ship and specialized in air-to-ground combat, being also the only character capable of firing both forward and downwards at a 45 degrees angle. In the SNES port, he recovers faster from damage than the other characters.