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Orbit Engineer "Karbert Armor" is the boss of mission 3 in 19XX: The War Against Destiny.


Karbert Armor is a tank fortress, with smaller railed vessels attached to it. The two frontal turrets can get in the way of shooting the main target, but they can be destroyed. The boss will first attack with it's frontal gun, then use it's two side cannons and two turrets in the middle. Once all the cannons are destroyed the boss will attack by opening and closing it's core (the main weak spot) to shoot, while two elevators appear where the cannons were to release helicopters. After the boss is defeated, the two turrets on the machine in the back will attempt a last ditch attack, while the player has a few seconds to take down the two turrets on the machine for some extra points.


  • Length: 32m
  • Weight: 116 ton
  • Capacity: 9 seats