Mickey Simon is a supporting character of Area 88 and one of the playable characters from U.N. Squadron.


Mickey Simon is a former U.S. Navy pilot and a veteran of the Vietnam War. After the war ended, Mickey was unable to readapt into a normal, peaceful life, so he signed up as a mercenary for Area 88. He becomes the closest friend of Shin Kazama inside of Area 88, being more emotional and hot-headed in contrast to Shin's mostly cold demeanor. He acts as the main supporting character in the story.

In the gameEdit

Mickey Simon appears as a selectable character in both versions of U.N. Squadron. On the original Arcade version, he pilots a Grumman F-14 Tomcat, which is the fastest ship and specialized in air-to-air combat. In the SNES port, he is capable of carrying more special weapons than the other characters.