Concept art from 19XX

Great Giant Cannon Battleship "Outerlimits" is the penultimate boss from 19XX: The War Against Destiny.


Outerlimits is a large four-legged mechanized walker which protects the Outer Limits base and act as the carrier mobile bridge. It has many turrets on it's body, which can be quickly destroyed. The boss is soon unlocked, starting to walk around the platform and shooting from it's two side cannons and frontal turrets, as well as firing homing missiles. The "head" and the openings where the small turrets were will also shoot as well. After the cannons are destroyed Outerlimits will release flying drones, which will circle around the player and shoot. The destroyed cannons will soon explode, revealing even even more openings to shoot at the player.


  • Length: 1500m
  • Weight: 12000 ton
  • Capacity: 82 seats