Concept art from 19XX

Strategic Train "Sancho Pedro" is the boss of mission 5 in 19XX: The War Against Destiny.


Sancho Pedro is a mechanized locomotive. It is first seen being loaded with a bomb before the fight begins. It is fought in three phases:

  • During the first phase the exposed core will shoot in five directions, as well as firing rockets. There are two turrets on the front which can be destroyed, but they are replaced after a while.
  • After the core is destroyed two side cannons and a giant barreled gun are attached to the locomotive. The central gun will shoot forward then release the empty shells, which can be destroyed.
  • In the final phase two rocket engines are attached to the locomotive. Not only the boss will fire a forward laser, two side turrets will also help on the offensive. The boss will also shoot small homing missiles and floating mines which explode in a cluster of bullets.

When the boss is destroyed, the bomb it was carrying is released, which the player can destroy before it leaves the screen for extra points.


  • Length: 71m
  • Weight: 360 ton
  • Capacity: 38 seats


Trivia Edit

  • Sancho Pedro is French for Saint Peter.